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"Satellite 'Cleaver Only' income: Two (2) decades @ $1-3mm gross internet sales is approx. $10mm profit to Cleavers @ 25% net-net. Dr. Jersey Joe and Kelly Cleaver with CPA Sam Viviano announced, 'Ken's internet plans will NEVER WORK.' CC Minutes '02, then secretively registered in their exclusory. As of 05/10/23, ALL brick & click sales are billed as incorporated. This Cleaver Company is Tortiously-Illegally indented to loot, devalue contract-unpaid stock, sell off & bankrupt McClintock Sr's Cutting Corners Inc '78. Seven retail stores co-built by McClintock Sr/Jr are now closed or sold. Dozens of McClintock employees terminated with little warning. 11 McClintock bought properties are stolen-sold or slated w title money going to the Childless Cleavers against McClintock Sr's orders for his $10mm+ in Cleaver deed fraud. There is an elder crime file under 'Cleaver, Kelly' at the Dallas DA's office awaiting investigation. The statute of limitations for elder crime is ten years. Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Art 12.01 must be enforced. See Texas Appellate Elder/Trust/Deed Fraud Law breaches, including current IRS Gains-Gift tax 1041 codes 23-00373-CV. View latest Federal venue motion sighting IRS CC-DM 34.11 via DC-22-06694, and IRS 'Whistleblower Protection' date in 22-CV-30093. Most state and federal laws have been broken by McClintock Sr's Trustee and Executor for a share of the Cleaver pillaging. *Our niche market industry is fully aware of what is happening to dad's once proud company with annual sales of $18mm. It has been ravaged so that Dr. Jersey Joe and Kelly Cleaver may retire to Italy with very little Cleaver medical income invested. Merrill Lynch has recently Blackrock hypo calculated that dad's UBS MS misappropriated securities gains should be well over $9mm. NOTE: Dr. Joe Cleaver formed Tx. shell corp 'Casogno LLC' to take over $3mm from the McClintock asset inventory to buy his Napa Estate []. 'His' one ill-gotten California vineyard is worth more than the McClintock lineage will inherit. Dr. Joe was never a beneficiary of dad's will or 3 trusts, yet dad's CPA/Trustee Sam Viviano signed away the bulk of Cutting Corners/McClintock wealth to him as a conspirator to Elder/Trust Fraud. McClintock Sr fired Dr. Cleaver in the 90s. He bore no children with McClintock blood as promised and did not buy into the $10mm+ McClintock properties with his medical income. There are 3 McClintock Sr's Grandchildren with 1/10th of the retained McClintock life's work product.